• Roasted and Salted Yellow Chickpeas: A taste that has become almost a tradition. Salted yellow chickpeas are fresher and tastier than ever...
  • Double Roasted Yellow Chickpeas: Yellow chickpeas, both themselves and their double roasted taste, are a delight that yellow chickpea lovers will not be able to stay away from. Double roasted yellow chickpeas, at their freshest and tasties. 
  • Roasted and Salted White Chickpeas: A very delicious taste thanks to special roasting method. The freshest white chickpeas are by localy product. 

Seydişehir is famous with roasted chickpeas in Turkey.


It called "Seydisehir chickpeas" and People who lives in Seydişehir, grows roasted chickpeas. The plant grows to between 20–50 cm (8–20 inches) high and has small feathery leaves on either side of the stem.

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