#Quality is also possible with economical products!

#Aesthetic, functional, economical, #comfortable, perfect, suitable for the physical structure of the place, durable, special #decoration ...

#Marble Stonit is a polymer based high technology interior decoration product containing PVC and calcium carbonate. In addition, it has a #luxurious marble structure and a precious wood appearance.

In this way, Marble #Stonit is a product that is waterproof, antibacterial, mold, frost and fire resistant, has high abrasion resistance, not easily deformed, does not crack, can be easily processed, environmentally sensitive and renewable.
It is the number one choice for easy-to-apply, energy-efficient, low-labor, #modern (home, hotel, restaurant, shopping mall) and all wet areas and project decorations."

What is #Stonit?
Marble stonite slabs, also known as marble-look panels or artificial stones, are the newest technology product in the field of interior decoration, and it is the product most similar to marble stone in the market.
- Quick Setup
- Sound #insulation
#Fire Resistance
- Moisture Resistance
- Economic
- Stonit Eco-Friendly

#construction #design #interiorarchitecture #architecture

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