Which Qualities Are You Looking For Which Project?

  • Which country?

  • What is the project content?   (Infrastructure, Structure, Sewage, Water Treatment, Building Construction, Tunnel, Road, Industrial Facility, Bridge, Airport etc...)

  • How much should a Company's Use of Completion Certificates be?

  • What are the details of temporary guarantee, permanent guarantee and advance letter of guarantee?

  • What are the general and special demands of the employer?

If you share the preliminary information about the project with us,

we can present you the candidates ..

After this information, we sign a preliminary confidentiality agreement with you.

In this preliminary agreement, if the two parties cannot agree on the project, there are no financial sanctions.

After the preliminary agreement, the parties can come together on a date and place to be determined.

Turkey as well as Russia, the United Kingdom or other European countries in talks with consortia of firms can be provided by us.


  1. If the project came to us by intermediaries,

we can guarantee that there will be no direct contact with the employer regarding the project. However, we do not accept any financial sanction for this.

   2. Details on commission requests are discussed after the preliminary review of the project.

   3. Commission payments begin with the signing of the contract and the first upfront payment. It continues until the last advance payment. Certainly, the entire commission does not occur at once in the first time.

   4. Flight tickets, accommodation and similar expenses can not be claimed until the project is signed by the demanding company.

   5. TBS, it undertakes that both parties will not share any information other than legal sanctions.

Would you like to work with companies with the best references?

You can contact for all kinds of construction projects.

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